Sykes Pumps Applications

Sykes Pumps Kuwait offers a comprehensive range of solutions to a wide selection of pumping applications, whether it be for dewatering and ground water control, building and construction, waste water management, pumping of industrial waste, emergency water control, controlling water levels in docks, ports and harbours, or supporting pumping processes within refineries and power stations.

Our expertise and products are second to none and are used in many different ways – both planned and for emergencies, pump sales or pump hire.

We offer:

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Pump Applications from Sykes Pumps

Dewatering and Ground water control

In Kuwait and Gulf States, a high water table means groundwater lowering is necessary for nearly all construction and civil engineering projects. We’re the dewatering experts, delivering whatever you need to get the job done.

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Building & Construction

Any problems or delays on your site can mean missed deadlines and financial penalties. With a high water table in so many areas across Kuwait and Gulf States, you need a proven provider in this sector.

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Water & Waste

We have the best range, widest coverage and depth of expertise to meet the demands of the water industry, local municipalities and other service providers across the region.

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Industrial waste pumping

Manufacturing, processing and refining activities - including petrochemicals – are complex enough without having to worry about having access to the right pumps and pumping services, as and when you need them.

We’ve been supporting UK industry for 150 years and industrial activities in the Middle East for over 25 years with equipment and expertise, both planned and under emergency conditions.

Only Sykes Pumps Kuwait can offer you a huge range of application-specific solutions for virtually any environment and industry: from pumping clean water to sludge and slurry.

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Emergency Water Control

From pump breakdowns in any industry or location to burst water mains, from dewatering on building sites to sewer collapses, chemical spills and waste discharge, we'll be with you fast.

In particular, the cost of flooding and waterlogged sites can be serious in terms of financial penalties and environmental impacts: whether it’s disruption to a construction project, traffic mayhem or interrupted water services. Sykes Pumps Kuwait is here to deal with whatever problems you face, at any time of the day or night.

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Docks, Ports & Harbours

We offer a complete end-to-end service: from surveys and planning, through consultancy and engineering, to installation, engineer supervision and tailored maintenance. Our pumps can handle almost every need, from seawater to the heaviest sludge and slurry.

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Refineries and Power Stations

We support Gulf State refineries and power stations with the largest range of powerful and reliable pumps for both hire and sale.

Keeping a petrochemical facility operating efficiently requires all equipment running smoothly, and we understand the complexity of these environments.

Our pumps provide refineries with the reliable service that they can depend on, and are called upon for routine activities and general operations like testing pipework and cleaning, and to remove large volumes of sludge and slurry.

We also provide temporary fire pumps while existing units are being serviced and, if necessary, removed for overhauls and maintenance work.

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Pump Accessories

It is essential to have the right pump hoses, fittings and well point accessories for each pump application.

Hoses, Fittings, Well Point Accessories

For both sales and hire, Sykes Pumps Kuwait offers a comprehensive range of hoses, pipes and tubing, and other accessories – no matter what the application.

Due to the volumes consumed within our operations and across our international network, we can offer our customers a single point of contact for all accessories to complement their pump requirement.

Through our distributors we offer a comprehensive advisory service together with responsive service and spare parts support.

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